Running up that Building… @ Scena Productions, Jan 24

, 21 January 2015

Scena Productions is hosting a new Art Licks exhibition titled Running up that Building and Diving into the Pool, openinh January 24.

The group show, which brings a whole slew of artists – including Amalie Jakobsen (also functioning as curator with Oliver Hickmet), Kyungmin Sophia SonOskar Jakobsen, Daniel Szor and Alexander Glass , along with about 16 others – takes the location as the starting point.

Situated inside a soon-to-be swanky building, already demolished and built up again, the exhibition press release hints to a certain impermeability within the evolving world: “Years from now, it will still be here, as it looks now, when we see it from above on Google Maps, or look in the front gates on Street View.”

Accompanying the exhibition’s opening is a series of performances by three contributing artists: Joseph Buckley‘s at 19:45, Jack Jubb‘s at 20:45 and Liv Wynter‘s at 21:30.

See the Art Licks events page for details. **