Apophenia launch @ Regent Trading Estate, Dec 6

, 5 December 2014

Helen Kaplinsky and Maurice Carlin‘s #temporarycustodians project launches a new ‘co-working archipelago’, Apophenia, with an evening of performances taking place at Salford’s Regent Trading Estate on December 6.

The evening will feature performances by three artists-in-residence, as well as a handful or artists and musicians invited to perform. The ‘co-working archipelago’ to which the artists belong has become like “an ecological growth of creative and industrial islands” housed within a 8,000 square foot warehouse in North-West England.

The participating artists are invited to reflect upon “independence and nomadism resulting from a crisis in resource management” in this vast country estate, and Saturday’s show brings performances by the three artists-in-residence – Josephine Callaghan, Susanna Davies-Crook and Gery Georgieva – as well a live set by Vera Modena and Patchfinder, a performance by New Noveta, a VJ/DJ set by The Mycological Twist, and a dormant storage island by Joey Holder.

See the FB event page for details. **

Header image: © 2014 Carla Resh of Rogue Mounted Archers. Graphics by Michael Oswell. Selected by Josephine Callaghan.