Aram Bartholl @ Dam Gallery, Sep 12 – Nov 1

, 10 September 2014

Aram Bartholl‘s solo exhibition, Hurt me plenty, is happening at Berlin’s DAM Gallery, opening September 12 and running to November 1.

As a pioneering net artist tracking the evolution (or devolution, depending on how you look at it) of the internet and network culture, Bartholl’s latest exhibition follows a preoccupation with the integration – or interference rather – of the online IRL, along with the growing threat to personal freedom associated with that.

Inspired by questions and developments engaging “humankind’s ‘entry’ into the digital realm and the role of the first person as ‘shooter’,” the Berlin-based artist will present large-scale deconstructions of pixel imaging stereotypes, along with works exploring issues of “privacy, surveillance and net neutrality”.

The event will open with an introduction by fellow Web 1.0 veteran Olia Lialina and a performance titled DATALOVE, where the audience is encouraged to “BYOD – Bring Your Own Drive, and crush it” in  demonstrating the security risks of disused hard drives, laptops and servers.

Read an interview with Aram Bartholl and see the DAM Gallery website for details. **