Migrating Origins @ TAP, Apr 7-Jun 14

, 4 April 2014

Migrating Origins, an online project by Temporary Art Project and curated by Warren Harper & James Ravinet in association with SoSLUG, will run from April 7 to June 14.

Through the course of the month+, TAP will feature the works of two dynamic artists, showcasing the work of Yuri Pattison from April 7 to June 7 and that of Harry Sanderson from April 14 to June 14. Exploring  the ubiquitous engagement with digital media in the developed world and its problematic consequences, ranging from that of its broad effects on human cognition to more specific problems such as authorship, Migrating Origins investigates how the moving image is embedded into “the fabric of our everyday lives” and how it, in turn, relates to the power structures of its reception and production.

To find out more about Yuri Pattison, you read his interview with aqnb, and likewise for Harry Sanderson.

Visit the official TAP event page here or get details on he event on our aqnb event listing.**

"Ashiato" by Harry Sanderson. Image courtesy TAP.
“Ashiato” by Harry Sanderson. Image courtesy TAP.