Yung Lean @ Barfly, Apr 6

, 3 April 2014

On Sunday, April 6, London’s Barfly venue will be lit up with the rhythms and beats of whiter-than-white Scandinavian rapper, Yung Lean and his Sad Boys crew.

Like his name implies, Yung Lean is young. In his videos, the face of a boy that looks no more than 16 stares back at you, adorned with a normcore-y bucket hat over a makeshift durag fashioned from what looks like his mother’s scarf collection, and oversized, nightgown-y t-shirts that hark back to the questionable style trends of the 90s.


The music, though lo-fi and amateur, brings memories of Lil B and the man-motional drawls of Drake, as does the crew name, playing with the apparent juxtaposition of hard rap mentality and the doughy sentimentality of r&b.

To listen to more of Yung Lean’s sounds, visit his Soundcloud page, and for specific event details, visit the aqnb event listing.**

Header image: screenshot from Yung Lean’s video for Hurt