Social Capital @ FutureEverything, Mar 29 – 30

, 25 March 2014

As part of the FutureEverything festival, running March 27 to April 1, Manchester’s Blank Media Collective will be creating a new ‘community’ in the city centre, running March 29 to 30.

The project involves engaging the public in constructing a transient monument, designed by architecture student Anthony Whittaker, built from plaster of Paris bricks, to last no more than two days before being destroyed in a gathering on Sunday March 30.

In light of the festival’s ‘City Fictions’ theme, the collective will respond to the brief of creating a ‘speculative city’ by adding their mark to the Manchester map before wiping it away again, while ruminating on the concept of “shared memory” over physical structure.

See the Blank Media Collective website for details. **

Header image: Social Capital building design by Anthony Whittaker.