AGNES live @ Serpentine Galleries website

, 24 February 2014

Cécile B. Evans‘ AGNES launched her residency on the new Serpentine Galleries website, in partnership with Hackney Picturehouse, on February 23.

With the concept of the ‘digital native’ being such a contentious issue, perhaps spambot ‘AGNES’ –the first ever digital commission from the Serpentine and curator of digital Ben Vickers  –is its truest incarnation.

Apparently born in ’98 and ‘living and working’ at the Gallery website, AGNES’ disembodied hands and voice leads her viewer through a personalised tour of a WWW dystopia, that can lead anywhere from a wikipedia page on sleep deprivation to a video narrative from the perspective of a sentient, English-speaking chicken.

See the Serpentine Galleries website for details. **