HTRK – ‘Blue Sunshine’

, 21 February 2014

Australia-based duo HTRK released a track, ‘Blue Sunshine’, from their upcoming third album Psychic 9-5 Club, out on Ghostly International, April 1.

The three-cum-two piece, founded in Melbourne, forged in Berlin and disrupted in London following the untimely death of a core member in 2010, have spent the last three years distilling their sound and sense of melancholy, and ‘Blue Sunshine’ is its outcome.

Lingering somewhere between that spiritual and  structural realm, to which the equally oxymoronic album title Psychic 9-5 Club alludes, the elongated synth swells and icy drum beats draw at a numbing sense of longing while also letting go as vocalist Jonnine Standish moans, “healthy dose of inner peace,/ blue sunshine”.

Read a review of their recent Secret Thirteen mix and listen to the track below. **