Fatima Al Qadiri announces debut LP

, 12 February 2014

NYC producer and part-time conceptual artist Fatima Al Qadiri has announced her debut album, Asiatisch, to be released on London-based label Hyperdub, May 5.

Quietly posting the cover on her Facebook page, the album artwork is credited to pan-global non-brand Shanzhai Biennial. There’s been no music to speak of yet but considering earlier releases on labels like UNO as Ayshay and Fade to Mind, as well as her work with Future Brown and the GCC, there’s no doubting it’ll be both excellent and culturally relevant.

Not only that, but the signing to Hyperdub isn’t so surprising, considering the Kode9-founded label’s history with Grime and dubstep, which is a visual aesthetic and sonic palette that has had an undeniable influence on Al Qadiri’s expanding catalogue.**