Hyper Bole @ Legion TV, Feb 6 – Mar 15

, 5 February 2014

Collaborators Julia Crabtree and William Evans are presenting their exhibition, Hyper Bole, at London’s Legion TV project space, running February 6 to March 15.

As an “on-going experiment in shared subjectivity” Crabtree and Evans have been working together, across sculpture, installation, video, print and performance, for nearly a decade. In examining the collective consciousness through the myths perpetuated by film and TV, this exhibition, running as both a physical installation and online intervention on Legion TV’s webpage, uses “a corporeal approach to rematerialise our perceptual shift, combining natural formations and digital manipulation” to destabilize an initial reading of simulated space.

FYI ‘bole’ means “the stem or trunk of a tree”.

See the Legion TV website for details. **