Vincent Broquaire @ XPO Gallery running to Jan 11

, 20 December 2013

Artist Vincent Broquaire‘s solo show SEQUENCES is showing at Paris’ XPO Gallery, in parallel to the launch of his book of the same name, from December 14 to January 11.

Presenting his books and drawings, Broquaire explores perception through framing, running the two formats in parallel to each other, while examining the way we process imagery in a “co-existential” manner -whether that’s via the sequential cause-and-effect of a book or the passive direction of a curated exhibition. When you consider that the very composition of a drawing is a complex interaction between artistic intent and interpretation, it makes for some interesting considerations in the context of modern technology, as per this:

“We live in an age where very little of nature has not been touched by man, and technology is effectively an extension of our bodies and mind.  Is it not time to question the inherited oppositions of man versus nature, man versus the machine, and even the physical versus the virtual?  Reality has changed, but has our ability to realise that changed?”

See the XPO Gallery website for details. **