An interview with Harry Sanderson & Arcadia Missa

, 14 October 2013

As part of South London gallery Arcadia Missa‘s ‘(networked) every whisper is a crash on my ears’ programme, artist Harry Sanderson‘s Unified Fabric exposes the violence of the digital image. Based around his 2013 essay, ‘Human Resolution’ published in Mute Magazine in April this year, he explores the labour required to produce the technology that generates immaterial art and our complicity in perpetuating these exploitative working conditions in a globalised, post-Fordist economic context.

The exhibition is an extension on Sanderson’s ideas in ‘Human Resolutions’, as well as last month’s Mining the Object panel discussion, and sees Sanderson construct his own render farm -a high powered super-computer typically used for rendering animation film -to be exhibited with work by Hito Steyerl, Clunie Reid, Melika Ngombe Kolongo & Daniella Russo, Maja Cule and Takeshi Shiomitsu, as well as writing by Eleanor Weber and Michael Runyan.

For this interview we joined Sanderson, along with Arcadia Missa founders Rozsa Farkas and Tom Clark, in Farkas’ bedroom to talk about the Unified Fabric exhibition, opening October 15, along with the violence of the image, art-as-political and extending discourse beyond their own four walls. **