Jacob 2-2 – ‘Herbivore’ trailer

, 23 September 2013

Jacob 2-2 heralds his album Herbivore, out on Canada’s King Deluxe, September 23, with a trailer in the form of a 80s children educational programme montage by the artist himself and Samuel Rhodes.

Inspiration for the video comes from youth-oriented sci-fi and fantasy films from around the era where children are often left to their own devices, at the mercy of their imagination, usually in a playroom, after being placed under observation for their “psychic powers, alien interaction, or robotic physiology”. Sounds like a regular Starseed to us.

See the trailer and track listing below and see the Jacob 2-2 website for more details. **

1. 2LTL
2. Lower 3rds
3. Milo De Venus
4. Platforms
5. Sunrises (feat. Pogflipper)
6. Red Heather, Yellow Heather
7. Rm W1
8. Empire Plaza
9. Struck Out / Foliage
10. Baby Duckbill
11. Construxon Time Again
12. Snow Brite
13. So Long, Solaris
14. Asphyxiation
15. Herbivore
16. Quarantine Kid
17. The Light Shines