Andrew Norman Wilson, ‘The Body Deselect’ mix

, 15 July 2013

Artists need to relax too. Especially if you’re Andrew Norman Wilson and you’ve got as much going on as he does, while being ensconced in the high pressure corporate world as a primary creative concern. Hence, this meditative mix, The Body Deselect and its spiritual escape for the artistically minded, featuring the likes of Ash Ra Temple, Dolphins Into the Future, Stellar OM Source and some stock meditation cassette instructions, running for an epic three hours and 20 minutes.

As the man behind the unsettling Workers Leaving the Googleplex, with an oeuvre that is in itself a simulation of marketed lifestyle simulations, Wilson’s mix follows on from his meditation oriented video work, such as the ‘Blue’ video. In parallel, there’s a selection of his ScanOps series showing at at Lucy Chinen‘s Over the Valley exhibition in LA, while Dream Factory, another group exhibition he co-curates with Aily Nash, is now showing in the Netherlands.

If you ever questioned the distinction between corporate art aesthetics and the real deal, then we recommend you look away now. **


1. John Forsyth and Georg Eifert – Mindfulness Exercise (edit)
2. Steven Halpern – Study Suite
3. J.D. Emmanuel – Visions During Movement
4. Terry Riley and Don Cherry – Descending Moonshine Dervishes
5. Ariel Kalma – Le Temps Des Moissons
6. Stellar Om Source – The Oracle
7. Steve Hillage – Garden of Paradise
8. Dolphins Into the Future – The Voice of Incorporeality
9. Fripp & Eno – Swastika Girls
10. Ash ra Tempel – Pluralis
11. Roland Young – Crystal Motions