Austra – ‘Home’.

, 8 March 2013

Here’s a welcome progression from Canada’s Austra, adding the exotic rhythms and funk-infused basslines -a distinct ‘organic house and disco’ element -to their sound. Where their 2011 debut Feel It Break profited from the Zola Jesus-led trend toward gothic dance, ‘Home’, the lead-single to their forthcoming album, Olympia, out on Domino, June 17, is a more melodic affair.

That said, the lyrical theme is equally emotional, if not more explicit, than old tracks like ‘Beat And The Pulse’. But having worked with UK rave maximalist-cum-new-aged-trip-hopper Hervé, vocalist Katie Stelmanis appears to be expanding on her influences as well as her range and tracks like ‘Home’ have turned out all the better for it.**

Austra’s Olympia is out in the UK on Domino June 17.

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