Music From A Dry Cleaner

, 27 September 2011

Diego Stocco has been exploring new instruments and musical experiences… pretty much all his life. His career as sound engineer and custom instrument building has allowed him to work with some of the best sound designer companies as well as well-known content producers (for their series & film soundtracks of course). But Diego’s passion (and why he became a big hit a couple of years ago) relies on making music from the most unconventional objects & places.

We can easily compare his latest video (Music from a dry cleaner) with Björk’s famous Dancing in the dark film and especially Cvalda’s track, although Diego doesn’t have the budget nor the capacity to convince Catherine Deneuve to star in his videos.

Still, Diego’s videos keep getting bigger (in every sense) and while we wait for a new album out of this dry cleaner shop (he’s uploaded his previous compositions on his bandcamp page) we’ll keep admiring and praising his disconformity with the “mainstream instruments” industry focuses on.