Miracle Candle

, 16 August 2011

I thought Patrick & his cold hands would be one of the most awaited acts yesterday @ YWF3. Bringing his Irish accent to those soft melodies that go from the most synthetic disco to the sweetest pop dreams that make Jens Lekman look old. But barely a few dozens were present when he grabbed the mic at the YES stage by the end of the evening.

Patrick Kelleher and his Cold Dead Hands – Miracle Candle by Patrick Kelleher

Maybe because there was a bit of a misunderstanding with the Proper Ornaments concert upstairs, or the incredulity of expecting a solid performance from a single-person act, the thing is that the Irish smoker with deep voice and mini-melodica (longhair no-more) didn’t offer the most convincing but neither the worst performance of all. Where did all the hipsters go?

Hopefully not a nationality issue! We’ll await him for his next time in London, you’re music is always welcome.