, 10 July 2011

Having a cleft head must not be easy, but you can always make the most of of the “worst” situations, just like Isaac…

Now I want to be cleft headed! But I also want to be a useless hero, go with ET to the moon or become a melting ice-cream. And endless gallery of doodled monsters brought on a daily basis by the bike lover Nathan Bulmer.

Nathan is one of those illustrators with a corrosive daily strip he’s been publishing on-line for the last couple of years, on his blog, and now on his tumblr (you know… the new cool blog platform). An illustator whose work has graced the pages of Time Out New York, Seattle Magazine, The Kansas City Star, and The Pitch Weekly. He’s even shown work in galleries like Dieu Donne in New York and Grand Arts, The Bank…. etc.


Because we need some serious alternatives to those hilarious (and also daily) sticky poultry, we thought some daily useless bike riders could be a great alternative.

So while Nathan creates a daily e-mail for us to subscribe to, we highly encourage you to visit his blog “eat more bikes”… not only a great source for a daily laugh but also for some great reggae, hip-hop & disco tunes…. and … just visit it. You wouldn’t say it goes together… but it does.