Satellite State

, 6 June 2011

Adam has a fixation with technology and antennas, deities and followers. Apple maybe? Since he was chosen as the “Jealous Graduate” Print Prize winner from the MA Fine Art Course at Wimbledon College of Art he hasn’t stopped producing some fascinating works that explore the associations between technology and our need and fascination with it.

Adam Dix's works @ Exam exhibition

He’s currently exhibiting @ Transition Gallery’s Exit and we thought, why not giving him some more room in our tiny website?

Satellite State

By examining futuristic past predictions of the 21st century and the subsequent representation of that imagined future, Adam intends to look at our reliance on consumer technology, highlighting the insecurity and vulnerability of man caused by our desire for aspirational, consumer products.


“Nostalgic” futuristic paintings present the human race in a technological utopia. Science fiction visions that could perfectly have been imagined many decades ago and that will certainly represent our absurd techno-fanatic driven culture for many years to come.

Be as one

It is this embodiment of a contradiction that presents itself within our understanding of today’s communication technology, which is where my interest lies. The contradiction I believe is, the conflict between the unification and physical detachment of a person’s engagement with communication technology. How can these two elements work together as well as oppose one another, simultaneously unifying or at least implying unification?

The paradox of a need to communicate while remaining physically isolated by the very object of connectivity has led my investigation into describing behavioural responses with regard to communication, how we relate or comprehend technology on a humanistic level. In doing so I have found other areas that are representative of galvanising people into a group response, that project a sense of ritual, coveting, sect and in extremes, fanaticism.

Receive Thy Message

Adam has had great success since his graduation, winning the FutureMap art prize and being shortlisted for the Catlin Art Prize. In October 2010 his work was selected for group show ‘Transmission’ at the Haunch of Venison.