, 23 March 2011
"Made in china.... conceived in Europe"

With Barcelona’s Ficomic expo just around the corner one of the many Spanish novelties of this year and hopefully one of the big winners for next year’s event will be the corrosive “Fagocitosis”  by Marcos Prior & Danide which was very recently published by the French publisher Glenat.

We’re a bit unsure if we’d like a world such as Fagocitosis.. where Marx Donald’s is our favourite fastfood chain or street cleaners are required to speak several languages or master the “digital environment” (even if this, unfortunately it does happen in our current world)…. the X-men have become economy x-perts and our society in general, is portrayed as a grotesque egoistic bunch of money-driven individuals (maybe more like a mirror).

street cleaner offer: Must have good level of English and at least 5 years of experience...

Marcos & Danide describe their work as a “very detailed cocktail of society & economy ironies, those we have to live with”… “those we have to phagocyte everyday”. “We came up with the idea of crying out loud the daily atrocities we experience, making this comic has been therapeutic” says Danide.

Fagocitosis (phagocytosis) is about globalization and about mass media. We know that in our modern world our brain receives more advertising impacts that those it can actually process, so Robert Guerin’s sentence saying that the amount of air we breath contains as much oxygen as ads has certainly become true at the very least.

Marcos Prior & Danide worked together in several storyboards for the advertising world (one of their main influences) and they’ve finally proved to collaborate perfectly as an artistic tandem for this highly recommended comic which they’ve even calculated how long it should take you to read: 58min and 25sec.

In the end Fagocitosis is a critic, not subtle at all, but for those willing to have a reflexive brain fixe, then you should give it a go. Very natural, very organic… it will enter your brain very very easily… and we promise you won’t forget it the next day like an ordinary ad.