, 22 February 2011

After living in the UK for more than 2 years, if you don’t get to love or at least accept dubstep, you’re fooled to listen to pop every day. So I chose to embrace it, and Guido reminds me why…

Sir Guido (Guy Middleton) is a trained jazz and classical pianist who cites the soundtracks of epic fantasy computer games like Final Fantasy as one of his main influences.

Guido made this mix for the trendsetter brand Oki-ni last autumn built around the ‘genius progression’ of Franck Roger’s track ‘Solo Man’ and one of Guido’s favourite peices of music, ‘From Gagarin’s Point Of View’ by Max.Bab.

oki-ni presents RESONANCE by Guido by oki-ni

Ears pleasure to enjoy under no stressful circumstances, full tracklist on their website.