Upload Cinema

, 6 February 2011

Selecting (curating) a few works, shorts, movies from the on-line video sphere and transferring them to the big screen on a weekly / monthly basis is nothing new, but with Upload Cinema this idea has found a solid base to spread outside The Netherlands…

That’s where all started and most cinemas are obviously within our beloved neighbors country, but the idea is quickly spreading and the next (and first) country to host these monthly evenings will be Spain with Barcelona & Madrid adopting the idea.

Every first Monday of the month there’s a new film program that mixes amateur and professional footage, brand new and historic material, high and low art… around a theme (which is published in advance). The line-up of the screened videos remains secret until that same evening though.

The audience plays an important role (and as you can see in the video, and as you would expect from a good Dutch) they’re hardly embarrassed … meaning… very open & participative with the concept. Members of the audience are also involved in the process of selecting films for screening. The more videos are submitted each month, the bigger our ‘community jury’ grows.

So for this coming week there are two dates you should book on your agendas if being in Madrid or Bcn… Feb 9th for the first city @ 20:30 h. in “Pequeño cine estudio” and the following day in Barcelona @ 20:30 too in “Cinemes Girona“.

The whole idea comes from the heads of Dagan Cohen (creative director of communications agency Draftfcb) and Barbara de Wijn (cinema programmer and film distributor) who know the web is changing the film industry fast, real fast, so a collaborative & social evening seemed obvious for them.