Le tampographe sardon

, 21 November 2010

A Parisian that makes ink stamps and then buys himself alcohol with the money he earns, …. that’s everybody’s business philosophy… even if most of you won’t admit it….

Sardon mixes provocative topics with historical figures … and never ever has a few good words… only sarcasm & unconventional humor … which we like just as much.

He’s got a long long list of stamps that go from  10€ to the most elaborate @ 70€ (some of them like the “Strange fruits” below are true pieces of art…).

There’s pretty much a bit of anything your wild imagination can conceive…. many times highly provocative … like Mao & Mao or the Minister of old women afraid of Arabs

Unfortunately you cannot order customized stamps but the choice is large & interesting, just pick one (his website this way).