, 20 September 2010

Becoming a dj, a teacher, a machine poet, an artist…. or all together? Hard choice for Zimoun Leerraum a Swiss autodidact whose sound installations keep spreading the beauty of micro & macro machinery sounds wherever he goes….

Born in Switzerland in 1977 Zimoun currently resides in Bern, although he travels all year round for his collaborations & exhibitions. Precisely, he collaborates very often with other artists and experts working in related fields (developement, architecture, science, research, engineeing,…).

His work has been awarded different art prizes and residencies (most notably an Honorary mention this year at the renown Prix Ars Electronica) and has served as a guest lecturer, presenter and instructor.

97 polysiloxane hoses 3.0mm, compressed air

His sound sculptures (which mix all kinds of objects and small engines) give the impression many times of being alive… small warms, metallic plants, scary automatons… intelligent and repetitive organic installations which make machines an elegant obviousness, basic but futuristic, numerous and yet so perfectly harmonized…  (you can watch single videos of his installations on his Vimeo page).

23 prepared dc-motors
24 Sound Contributions in Automat

In 2003 he founded Leerraum with graphic designer Marc Beekhuis founded…- which serves as a label and a networking hub of artists in similar fields. It has become a platform for creative exchange among those who explore forms and structures based on reductive principles and careful yet radical use of materials (people from all around the globe).

His works are currently being exhibited in Ireland and next month cities such as London, Aalborg or Kyoto will welcome his sound demons, he’s going to be performing live also by the end of the year and next 2011 in the US, Canada, Switzerland and exhibiting in many more countries so have a look on his calendar, you may have the occasion to observe, hear and touch his metal creatures.