Product Testing Institute

, 20 September 2010

We just love it when competitors take the piss out of each other, especially when they feature renown intellectuals in their ads….

Kids, seniors, models, guidos, surfers & glam rockers, with the exception of the first two focus groups (they’re not potential consumers!) …. the rest will probably find the Xperia X10 truly helpful if they finally go for a “Smartphone”, because it seems the Product Testing Institute is only worried about the average American…., so many interpretations could be made of these ads, who is the X10 really aimed at? …. (at least they’ve become viral… and we find them extremely funny).





Glam Rockers

A campaign developed at Dare NY for Sony Ericsson, with creative director Brian Cooper, copywriter Summer Cui, art director Anna Kalimbet, agency producer Sally Alekna.