, 16 August 2010

Odisea is the personal project & debut album of mr Alex Anwandter (former member of the Chilean indie group Teleradio Donoso) who just got a video for the first single “Cabros”… a mature trip which reminds us of Christopher Walken’s little dance to Fatboy slim’s Weapon of choice

It’s true that we don’t comment & support much of the Spanish & Latin-American music scene which is just as deeply rich as the anglophone… that shall change from now on.

Alex Anwandter directs himself his first video helped by his family member Francisco Anwandter (who had previously been involved in Teleradio Donoso’s music vids).

Odisea is a man-machine pop album where Alex manages to exploit the most delicate & danceable Chilean pop; very house, very soul and very 80s. Where did you get the samplers from Alex? Ten tracks full of “feeling & science” 5 of which you can listen on his website.

but just in case we bring you here another couple …. and the teaser video he released 3 months ago….

Una Nueva Vida (Vida Maquinal) by odisea

Casa Latina by odisea

Teleradio Donoso