Music: Super Gum

, 27 June 2010

Ammmmm……. just watch it…. taken from the from the Fucked Up Friends DVD by Tobacco

Like many other electro-bizarro artist (remember Daft Punk in their beginnings, Aphex Twin… or the Knife in the last few years?) we don’t know much about Tobacco, he doesn’t like to share his private life (good for him)… (well we do know his real name is Tom Fec he’s got a rock band… “Black Moth Super Rainbow” and Tobacco is his solo supernatural project). But in any case we thought that sharing his latest video taken from his 30 min DVD had to be done… even if you think we’re perverts. Is just the porn ET fantasy you’ve all had being kids… or maybe not?

“Hailing from an unspecified burg in rural Pennsylvania, somewhere north of Pittsburgh, he has successfully made a name for himself even as he’s avoided acknowledging that name’s legal counterpart. As both the frontman of Black Moth Super Rainbow and the sole creative engine behind TOBACCO, he’s earned the eager ears and prying eyes of doggedly loyal fans and smitten critics alike – a kindness he’s repaid by granting few interviews, obscuring his face in photos, and seeming wholly uninterested in the subject of his own identity.”

One of the promos for his previous album

Although it’s from his previous album the alien porn video was just released on the Internet. He has edited his couple of solo albums under Anticon…. that label we respect so much for their very atypical artists we’ve already mentioned b4… like Baths or Why? (here’s an interview we’ve found from the NY times from last April).

Enjoy the vintage alien porn 🙂