Image: Chris Ware’s rejected Fortune cover

, 27 April 2010

Chris Ware was initially asked to illustrate Fortune’s 500 number but… oh god Chris you just went too far with your Capitalism critics. Couldn’t you just stick to the politically “correct” way of illustrating …. capitalist magazines?

Chris Ware (American comic book artist and cartoonist, best-known for a his Acme Novelty Library series, and the graphic novel, Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth) illustrates the USA as a country dominated by big corporations which create social disorder and absorb taxpayer’s money.

happy magnates

The acid critics are very numerous: From the subprime crisis, to Guantanamo, the hypocrisy of the Mexican border, Chinese importations, the Republican party, the current Greek government financial problem…. wow Chris you haven’t left a single one out have you?

exploiting mexican workers

Shame that Fortune’s main editors decided not to publish this illustration… it would definitely had become a super-selling number for their magazine.