Turner Prize 09!

, 24 September 2009

From next October 6th to January 3rd you’ll all be able to visit and see (also critic as usual) the final four artists who are this year’s candidates to the famous Turner Prize (which next year will turn 25!!).

As you know the Turner Prize is awarded annually for an outstanding exhibition to all those English “artists” who imagine things differently. People like Hirst or Steve McQueen (not the actor please) are names we all know today and who one day made it also through the short list.

This year’s four are….

Enrico David, a contemporary surrealist who “creates rich and profoundly original paintings, drawings and sculptures which are disconcerting, confrontational and beautiful”.

Enrico David's Bulbous Marauder 2008
Enrico David’s Bulbous Marauder 2008

Roger Hiorns who creates arresting sculpture and installation combining unusual materials. Like this “Seizure”, a flat in South London filled with liquid copper sulphate and then encrusted ith blue crystals.

Roger Hiorns' Seizure 2008
Roger Hiorns’ Seizure 2008

Lucy Skaer who makes drawings, sculptures and films which often take found photographic sources as their starting point.

Lucy Skaer's Black Alphabet 2008
 Lucy Skaer’s Black Alphabet 2008

and last but not least, Richard Wright (our fav!) who creates stylish and subtle wall paintings that respond directly to the architecture in which they are created.

R.Wright Untitled 2005
R.Wright Untitled 2005

They’ll be presenting their work in a three month exhibition at Tate Britain (London)… and in the meanwhile the jury will meet to decide the winner on December 7th 2009!!!