Verity Birt

Wandering through the ‘path of progress’ in group show Our House of Common Weeds at RES, Oct 27 – Nov 24

26 October 2017

The Our House of Common Weeds group exhibition is on at London’s Res, opening October 27 and running to November 24.

Curated by Nathalie Boobis, the show includes work by Verity BirtFourthlandCarl GentAnna FC Smith and Andrea Williamson. The opening night will feature a performance by Alys North and a DJ set by Bizarro World. The closing night will feature a performance by Carl Gent.

The exhibition is the culmination of a collaborative research project that has taken place over the last 18 months exploring “knowledge and ideas ravaged in the path of progress but still latent within stories, rituals, our bodies and the landscape.”

Visit the FB event page for details.**


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Chemhex Extract @ Peacock Visual Arts, Oct 20 – Nov 5

19 October 2016

The Chemhex Extract group exhibition is on at Aberdeen’s Peacock Visual Arts, opening October 20 and running to November 5.

Curated by Lucy A. Sames & Dane Sutherland, the show is the second instalment of their ongoing project Exta which “mobilises mystic intensities and sci-fi rituals, adapting the occult art of haruspicy as a method of visceral divination” and will feature work by Verity Birt, Jamie & Rickie McNeill and Plastique Fantastique.

Taking to the landscape of Aberdeen and looking at its histories and futures, the exhibition looks back, forward, and into, visions of “geotraumatic fantasies over the future – corrupt and feverishly f****d.” The opening night will be host to two performances by Plastique Fantastique and ESTAITIS.

Visit the Peacock Visual Arts event page for more details.**

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Feeling Safer @ IMT Gallery, Jun 2 – Jul 10

1 June 2016

The Feeling Safer group exhibition is on at London’s IMT Gallery opening June 2 and running July 10.

The press release, written from the perspective of an unknown character called Kim describes feeling anxious about the private nature of small galleries like IMT, hidden behind honey suckle and “halfway between the Metropolis strip club and the Museum of Childhood”. It describes a fear towards the way artists deal with the feelings around the end of the world, “when the grid is cut off” via Valerie Solanas’ ‘S.C.U.M. (Society for Cutting Up Men)’ manifesto —which is quoted in the text:

“…Lacking faith in their ability to change anything, resigned to the status quo, they [artists] have to see beauty in turds.”

Helping the protagonist in the press release ‘feel safer’ in the IMT space are artists David Burrows, Joey Holder, Elliot Dodd, Verity Birt, Luke McCreadie and Maggie Roberts (as orphan Drift, a group Roberts co-founded that remix visuals and audio from the 90s.).

On the opening night artist group AAS will present performance, Farming The Young / On The Mirrors Of Yukon, described as “a fractal palimpsest of data for future generations”.

See the Feeling Safer website for more information.**

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Benedict Drew + Nicholas Brooks @ Project/ Number, Feb 26 – Mar 20

24 February 2016

Benedict Drew and Nicholas Brooks are presenting collaborative exhibition, Sump at London’s Project/ Number, opening February 26 and running March 20.

After showing work in many of the same group shows, Drew and Brooks who met while studying at the Slade School of Art, come together in Sump over a mutual love of liquid crystals, mud and synthesised sound.

The press release reads like someone ate something un-agreeable and is now thinking of, accepting and seeing how it now lives inside them. What complex thought processes can be inside substances?

Artist, Verity Birt will also launch a new light box commission, ‘WTF: Where’s the Flux?’ on February 26, which will be lit up on the upper window outside Sump‘s entrance and continue there in situ until April.

See the Project/ Number exhibition page for more details of both projects**

SUMP, gif (2016). Courtesy Benedict Drew, Nicholas Brooks and Project/ Number.
SUMP, gif (2016). Courtesy Benedict Drew, Nicholas Brooks and Project/ Number.

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‘Teleonomy’ @ Cafe OTO, Feb 19

19 February 2016

South Kiosk and Where To Now? are presenting an evening of collaborative A/V performance, called ‘Teleonomy’, at London’s Cafe Oto on February 19.

The event, which pairs artists who use different media but follow “similar or correlating lines of enquiry”, responds to the interrogation of structures and functions innate to living organisms and ‘natural law’: “Instincts, reactions and internal clocks all contribute to a gradual evolutionary process that perpetuates our species”.

There will be three performances on the night by artists, selected 50/50 by both South Kiosk and Where To Now?, including Austin Charles WilliamsRichard Forbes-HamiltonSalvatore Arancio x R Elizabeth (aka Rachael Finney), and Verity Birt x U.

See the Cafe OTO website for details.**

Austin Charles Williams, 'Land of the Free' (2016). Video still. Courtesy the artist.
Austin Charles Williams, ‘Land of the Free’ (2016). Video still. Courtesy the artist.

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Chronovisor: Archive @ South Kiosk, May 15 – Jun 20

12 May 2014

The Chronovisor: Archive group exhibition is running at London’s South Kiosk, opening May 15 to June 20.

Featuring Mirko SmerdelRowena Harris, Verity Birt, Patrick Hough, Cathy Haynes and Johann Arens, the exhibition follows themes of time and artifice in relation to the chronovisor.

It’s a viewing machine with a lens that traverses space and time, presenting a conglomerate of problematic images spanning some of history’s most iconic moments, allegedly created by a Venetian Roman Catholic priest in the 1960s.

Looking to obscure historical context and presenting these images in new and troubling light, there’ll be evocative sculptural pieces and Google street view-fed images among others.

See the South Kiosk website for details. **

Header image: installation view, ‘Maul’ series by Rowena Harris. Image courtesy artist. 

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