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Larry Achiampong + David Blandy @ The Showroom, Jun 30

29 June 2016

Larry Achiampong and David Blandy will be in conversation with Rizvana Bradley at London’s The Showroom on June 30.

The London-based artist duo who often work together will screen and present their work ‘Finding Fanon’ (2015) an ongoing film series inspired by the lost plays of Frantz Fanon (1925-1961), a radical humanist whose practice dealt with the psychopathology of colonisation and the social and cultural consequences of decolonisation.

Both parts of ‘Finding Fanon’ thus far deal with the relationship Achiampong and Blandy have to each other and the impact that the inherited conversation around colonialism and promise of globalisation has upon on them.

Also involved in the discussion are members of Network 11, a peer network of artists working on questions regarding the positions of Britishbased artists of colour and LGBT communities in the art world.

See the Showroom website for more details.**

Larry Achiampong @ All Of Us Have A Sense Of Rhythm: An Evening of Live Music (2015). Performance view. Photo by Dan Weill. Courtesy DRAF, London.
Larry Achiampong @ All Of Us Have A Sense Of Rhythm: An Evening of Live Music (2015). Performance view. Courtesy the artist and DRAF, London. 





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Sylvère Lotringer @ The Showroom, May 28

27 May 2016

Sylvère Lotringer and invited guests will be presenting ‘Artaud on the Beach’ at London’s The Showroom on May 28.

Organised by Katherine Waugh, the weekend event will be celebrating the English translation of the LA-based semiotext(e) publisher’s book Mad Like Artaud. The afternoon session will feature a “dramatic reading” of the central part of the “schizoanalytic docufiction” —a 1980s interview with the founder of the ‘Theatre of Cruelty’ and avant-garde philosopher’s  Rodez asylum psychiatrist Dr. Jacques Latrémolière.

The announcement of the event, which will be interspersed with performances and interventions, comes accompanied by an excerpt from philosopher and semiotext(e)/Foreign Agents series contributor Gilles Deleuze’s ‘The Logic of Sense’, questioning the madness of abstract thought and a philosopher’s responsibility as its inheritor: “Are we to become the professionals who give talks on these topics?”

See The Showroom website for details.**

Sylvere Lotringer and Katherine Waugh. Photo by Pieternel Vermoortel.
Sylvère Lotringer + Katherine Waugh (2013). Photo by Pieternel Vermoortel. Courtesy SLG, London.
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Alex Martinis Roe workshop @ The Showroom, Dec 11

11 December 2015

Alex Martinis Roe hosts a workshop titled ‘Our Future Network’ focusing on trans-generational collective politics at London’s The Showroom for the last of two days today, December 11.

The workshop, which runs as part of the Now You Can Go programme, is introduced as an opportunity to experiment practically with Italian feminist collective practices “as a way to continue inventing and imagining new ones”.

Those that participate will undergo a series of exercises based on collective political practices that were developed by the iconic Milan Women’s Bookstore Collective starting in the 70s and up to present day.

See the event page for details.**

Alex Martinis Roe, 'It was an unusual way of doing politics: there were friendships, loves, gossip, tears, flowers...' (2015). Installation detail.
Alex Martinis Roe, ‘It was an unusual way of doing politics: there were friendships, loves, gossip, tears, flowers…’ (2015). Installation detail.

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Now You Can Go, Dec 1 – 13

30 November 2015

The Now You Can Go two-week events programme that considers “feminism, art and activism”, launches today and will be presented across London at The ShowroomICASpace Studios and Raven Row from December 1 to 13.

Inspired by Italian feminisms—including Rivolta Femminile (Female Revolt), Libreria delle Donne di Milano (Milan Women’s Bookstore Collective), and Lotta Femminista (Feminist Struggle)—and growing out of Space Studios’ Feminist Duration Reading Group, the series focuses on the “feminism concepts of generation and genealogy”, as well as art and activism.

The programme includes a panel discussion with (among others) Guardian journalist Dawn Foster and artist Pablo Pakula, a two-night lecture and workshop with Nina Wakeford, as well as a two-day workshop led by Alex Martinis Roe.

See the website for details. **


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Events + exhibitions, Feb 16 – 22

16 February 2015

Exhibitions and events of interest are more globally dispersed the week starting February 16. Highlights include a remotely assembled exhibition by Kareem Lotfy and political satirist Andeel at Cairo’s Nile Sunset Annex and A Form is a Social Gatherer group exhibition, featuring the likes of Adam Cruces, Tiril Hasselknippe, Philipp Timischl in Zürich.

Around London, Future Brown is playing the ICA, Slade students – including Sarah Boulton, Cristine Brache and Olga Koroleva – are presenting at Fictional Symposium at The Showroom and Patrick Staff is presenting at Chisenhale Gallery. In other UK cities Benedict Drew “& Friends” are performing Salon Dyslexic in Nottingham and Mat Jenner has an exhibition in Birmingham.

As for Berlin, Mirak Jamal and Santiago Taccetti are hosting a second Stoneroses exhibition, including the likes of Martin Kohout and Katharina Fengler, while elsewhere Angelo Plessas has a new solo exhibition in Athens and Leslie Kulesh is showing online with CosmoCarl.

There’s more so see below:


Fictional Symposium @ The Showroom, Feb 17

Erika Biddle @ SLG, Feb 18

Future Brown @ ICA, Feb 19

Ruth Proctor @ John Jones, Feb 19

G I R L S @ The Star of Kings, Feb 20

X+1 @ MACM, Feb 20

PUWABA 9: Mount Mediocre @ Bola 8, Feb 20

Open Studios @ 3236 RLS, Feb 20

Future Contemporaries Fundraising Party @ Serpentine Sackler Gallery, Feb 21

Salon Dyslexic @ Reactor, Feb 21

Longing Disco @ Transition Gallery, Feb 21

Beauty School Dropout @ DKUK Salon, Feb 21

Keston Sutherland @ Cell Project Space, Feb 21

Anal House Meltdown @ The Glory, Feb 21

@ Holborn Library, Feb 22

Grab my hand and don’t ever drop it @ Vilma Gold, Feb 22


Angelo Plessas @ The Breeder, Feb 19 – Mar 28

Dominic Hawgood @ TJ Boulting, Feb 19 – Mar 7

Patrick Staff @ Chisenhale Gallery, Feb 19 – Apr 12

Rare Earth @ Thyssen-Bornemisza, Feb 19 – May 31

Leslie Kulesh @ CosmoCarl, Feb 20

Harm van den Dorpel @ American Medium, Feb 20 – Apr 3

Andrea Büttner + Brit Meyer @ Piper Keys, Feb 20 – Mar 22

Shana Moulton @ Galerie Gregor Staiger, Feb 20 – Apr 11

Mat Jenner @ Grand Union, Feb 20 – Apr 3

Jaakko Pallasvuo @ SVILOVA, Feb 20 – Apr 3

Heather Phillipson @ Opening Times, Feb 21

Andrea Crespo @ Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler, Feb 21 – Apr 11

Never Can Say Goodbye @ Belle Air, Feb 21 – Mar 8

A Form is a Social Gatherer @ Plymouth Rock, Feb 21 – Mar 29

STUDIO @ TAP, Feb 21 – Mar 22

Kareem Lotfy + Andeel @ Nile Sunset Annex, Feb 21

Stoneroses 2 @ Sandgrube im Jagen 86, Feb 22 **

See here for exhibitions opening last week.

Header image: Kareem Lotfy + Andeel @ Nile Sunset Annex.

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Communal Knowledge @ The Showroom, Jul 8 – Aug 16

4 July 2014

The Showroom‘s ongoing programme titled Communal Knowledge will be running at their London location from July 8 to August 16.

The programme was developed to facilitate long-term relationships with a range of local residents and groups through collaborations with designers and artists, and every year through three new commissions.

This year, July and August will be taken up by two running alongside one another – Christian Nyampeta‘s How to Live Together: Prototypes project and Werker Magazine‘s Community Darkroom – and September will bring a series of performances by Patrick Staff titled Scaffold see Scaffold.

See The Showroom’s exhibition page for details. **


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Re-materialising Feminism: Part I @ The Showroom, Jun 6 – 8

3 June 2014

The first (and now sold out) installment of the collaborative project Re-materialising Feminism is running at London’s The Showroom from June 6 – 8.

The project aims to interrogate feminist theories and practices within the context of contemporary culture, and will feature a series of conferences and events as well as a publication documenting the project to be published by Arcadia Missa publications later in the year.

The 3-day event will feature video work from the Cinenova archive and artist Ann Hirsch, a performance by Nkisi, and conferences featuring Marina Vishmidt, Svenja Bromberg, Theresa Senft, and Linda Stupart.

See The Showroom’s programme for details. **

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