Progress Bar

Progress Bar @ Lighthouse, Nov 5

3 November 2015

Lighthouse launches a night of “insight into the creative practice of contemporary culture” called Progress Bar, with Ville Haimala, Bill Kouligas of PAN, Jenna Sutela and Claire Tolan at their London space on November 5.

This special edition of Progress Bar is curated by artist Haimala, who is currently doing a residency at Lighthouse Studio researching the manipulation and enhancement of human hearing through “in-body biohacking” and ASMR.

For Progress Bar, Haimala invited ASMR sound artist Claire Tolan to present her work and discuss the potential for modification and expansion of sensory interfaces and artist and PAN record label founder Bill Kouligas, and will be screening ‘When You Moved’, a 2014 sci-fi video essay by Jenna Sutela.

See the event page for details. **


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