Mimosa Echard

What do we turn to for meaning and solace? Looking at our own projections in Secular Icons in an Age of Moral Uncertainty at Parafin, Nov 30 – Feb 3

29 November 2017

The Secular Icons in an Age of Moral Uncertainty group exhibition at London’s Parafin opens November 30 and is running to February 3.

The show includes work that explores how we find ‘meaning or solace’ within certain objects and features Nathan Coley, Mimosa Echard, Simon Fujiwara, Sara Naim and Indrė Šerpytytė

Linked by indeterminacy, the multimedia installation looks at form and image-making and what is ultimately the driving force behind how we look, gaze and project meaning. The press release contextualizes  the works within “a time when the notion of belief is particularly fraught” and examines what it means to make work ‘now.’

Visit the Parafin website for details.**

Sara Naim, ‘Reaction #17’ (2017) Installation view. Courtesy the artist + The Third Line, Dubai.
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Foraged + hoarded: Mimosa Echard’s Pulsion Potion appropriates dead + living matter at Cell Project Space

8 November 2017

Mimosa Echard’s solo exhibition Pulsion Potion at London’s Cell Project Space, opened September 21 and ran to November 5.

Mimosa Echard, ‘Zia Margo’ (2017) + ‘Map’ (2016) Installation view. Courtesy the artist + Cell Projects, London.

The installation ‘appropriates dead and living matter’ that the artist has collected, foraged and hoarded over time, including both elements of nature and detritus in an effort to articulate and ‘make sense of the world.’ Algae, lichen, mentha, kombucha, Diet Coke, marbles, wrapping, hair removal wax, lactation or tranquillity pills are some of the many items selected for their ingredients. 

With a background in botanics, and an underlying knowledge of collecting and composing as such, the exhibition explores these findings both materially and also for the possibility of poison and infection. A new film ‘The People’ is composed from her vast family archive, with music by Raphaël Henard.
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