International soundscapes + performances for the Somewhere I’ve Never Been “live audio book” at The Yard, May 14

18 April 2017

Steph Kretowicz (aka AQNB editor Jean Kay) is launching a novel, Somewhere I’ve Never Been, with a “live audio book” rendition of the text at London’s The Yard Theatre on May 14. 

Created with artist and sound designer Kimmo Modig, the event will be an immersive collaboration involving a host of artists, friends and ‘characters’ featured in the book. Those include live performances by Good Sad Happy Bad, Micachu, Tirzah, and Coby Sey, as well DJ sets by Imaginary Forces, felicita, and Aimee Cliff (Angel Food), video projections by Ulijona Odišarija, compering by Brother May and a choir called AKA Pellah.

The event draws on a forthcoming podcast, audio book and radio show — also produced with Modig and accompanying the Somewhere I’ve Never Been book — to begin broadcasting on NTS Radio in late April. The multi-platform narrative, co-published by Berlin’s TLTRPreß and London’s Pool, expands on the text, which consists a cohesive selection of non-fiction essays exploring international soundscapes as an expression of heavily mediated, networked mobile environments. 

The event is produced alongside The Yard’s Dan Hampson, as well as artists Sey and Levi of the Curl label and collective.

See the FB event page for details.**

Header image by Maria Mitcheva.

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Babyfather @ Bloc., Apr 7

4 April 2016

Babyfather and ‘special guests’ are performing at London’s Bloc. Autumn Street on April 7.

London-based artist, producer and Hype Williams co-founder Dean Blunt is a known member of the project, which released its debut BBF Hosted by DJ Escrow on Hyperdub on April 2.

The record, which features contributions from Arca and Micachu (aka Mica Levi), is a pastiche of tracks of murky grime and hip hop influenced electronic numbers with titles like ‘Greezebloc’, ‘Esco Freestyle’ and ‘Killuminati’ and a looping vocal sample that declares, “This makes me proud to be British”.

See the Bloc. website for (limited) details.**

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Micachu and The Shapes @ Bold Tendencies, Jul 30

29 July 2015

Micachu and The Shapes return three years after the release of their last record for an already sold-out concert at London’s Bold Tendencies on July 30.

The trio of friends return almost by accident: what had started as an off-the-cuff jam session secretly recorded by drummer Marc Pell quickly developed into a new record that functions more as a collection of sonic ideas than a traditional album, described by Mica Levi as being recorded “non-stop, in one avalanche”.

Good Sad Happy Bad – which follows the success of their 2012 album, Never, and that of Levi’s critically acclaimed score for the sci-fi thriller Under the Skin – is described by the singer as being “the most free we have been”, and is out September 11 via Rough Trade.

See the event page for details. **

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Let us know, really! finissage @ 3236RLS, Nov 7

5 November 2014

The Let us know, really! exhibition is celebrating its closing with a finissage party at 3236 Rye Lane Studios on November 7.

The closing party comes with a stacked night of screenings and performances, followed by a proper party, complete with DJs. Starting out with a 7:30pm talk with artist Philippe Daerendinger titled ‘French Wine Dilutions: Extracts About Neighbourhood’, the finissage then brings three different film screenings by Fleur Melbourn, Natalie Price Hafslund, and Sam Tierney.

After the short film screenings, the finissage transforms into a performance space with a performance by Tirzah and Micachu (Mika Levi), followed by a DJ line-up to keep the party going.

See the FB event page for details **

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Visions Festival this weekend

6 August 2013

New collaborative festival Visions Festival is happening this Saturday, August 10 across three venues in east London. Oval House, London Fields Brewhouse and Netil House will present a range of artists including Haxan Cloak, Australian provocateur Kirin J Callinan and Molly Nilsson.

Most excitingly, Micachu‘s new production project with performer Tirzah will be appearing, following the release of their excellent I’m Not Dancing EP on Joe Goddard of Hot Chip’s Greco-Roman label.

See the Visions Festival website for more details. **

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