Meriem Bennani

Meriem Bennani explores tension + tradition within Moroccan chikha culture in Siham & Hafida at The Kitchen, Sep 13 – Oct 21

12 September 2017

Meriem Bennani is presenting solo exhibition Siham & Hafida at New York’s The Kitchen, opening September 13 and running to October 21. 

Curated by Lumi Tan, the installation of the artist’s 30-minute video follows the lives of two women, Siham and Hafida, whose “intergenerational conflicts regarding the chikha tradition reflect greater shifts in Moroccan culture of the past 50 years.”
Looking at the performance of femininity, religion and social traditions, the film will explore the space of tension within a globalized society between oral practices of chikha musical genre Aita and social media. 
Visit The Kitchen website for details.**

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We Dance, We Smoke, We Kiss @ Fahrenheit, Sep 16 – Dec 10

14 September 2016

The We Dance, We Smoke, We Kiss group exhibition is on at Los Angeles’ Fahrenheit, opening September 16 and running to December 10.

Curated by Myriam Ben Salah, the show features work by Meriem Bennani, Phil Collins, GCC, Kareem Lotfy, Tala Madani, Jumana Manna, Slavs & Tatars, and French magazine Téléramadan. The announcement is introduced with a rousing text questioning the homogenous Western imagination of the Middle East, while referencing post-colonial critic Edward Said and Palestinian 2013 Arab Idol winner Mohammed Assaf among others. It also takes an excerpt from exhibition contributor Manna’s own 2010 video work ‘Blessed, Blessed, Oblivion’: “I’m telling you, if you don’t come now and bring Viagra for your father, I’ll go shame us all.”

Presenting a variety of artists that are from or deal with the region in their work, the exhibition attempts a portrait of place that goes beyond its restrictive outside image of “failure, conflict, and narrow aesthetic formulas.”

See the Fahrenheit website for details.**


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