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Looking forward to Pane’s Bubble Tea by glancing back at Kelly Bar

14 December 2016

The Kelly Bar group exhibition at Milan’s Cafè al 5 ran over two days at the beginning of the year from January 14 to 17, 2016. 

NINA CRISTANTE, ‘fp 4 life sport’ (2015). Courtesy the artist + PANE project, Milan.

Curated by Pane Projects (that likens itself to the qualities of bread, “full of calories”) and spanning sculpture, installation, video and sound, the show brought together 20 artists:

Martina Alemani, Enrico Boccioletti, Lucy Chinen, Rosa Ciano, Nina Cristante, Adam Cruces, Leon Eisermann, Michele Gabriele, Ilja Karilampi, Lucia Leuci, Kareem Lotfy, Quintessa Matranga, Jan Broz & Richard Nikl, Ella Plevin, Fabio Santacroce, Anna Solal, Bianca Stoppani, Marco Tempesta, Pieter Vermeulen and Bruno Zhu

The project is conceived around the concept of some kind of anti-exoticised Chinese cafe that ironises a globalised otherness with the press release announcement that it “DOESN’T list abstruse and exotic Chinese dishes with bright names”.

For their next exhibition, the Pane Projects curatorial team based in the Italian city presents Bubble Tea, opening December 14 and running to the December 21. It also offers a packed line-up including Age of AquariusPaul Barsch, Derek Paul Boyle & Mitra Saboury and Jason Hirata among others and will explore the idea of ‘newness’ in relation to the millennial generations’ capability of “astonishment [and] incredulity towards something unknown.”**

Exhibition photos top right.

The Bubble Tea group exhibition is on at Milan’s Boba Bubble Tea and Coffee, running December 14 to 21, 2016.

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Body Holes @ New Scenario, launches Jun 3

1 June 2016

The Body Holes group exhibition is launching online at New Scenario, opening June 3.

The show is the third and most elaborate project run by the digital platform, founded by Paul Barsch and Tilman Hornig, and will take the concept treating the natural orifices of the human body as practical exhibition spaces for art. It is a part of this year’s Berlin Bienniale, which runs June 4 to September 18, and you can find it, once launched, in the BB9 online ‘#Fear of Content’ section.

Included will be work by Dorota Gaweda & Eglé Kulbokaité, Jesse DarlingJaakko PallasvuoEd Fornieles, and Burkhard Beschow & Anne Fellner, among others, in Body Holes, which is loosely connected to the collaborative exhibition Episode 4: Bathroom by Barsch and Hornig which closed in January this year.

Other artists involved include Yves SchererAnna SagströmAdam Cruces, Jake Kent, Bruno Zhu and Carson Fisk-Vittori.

See the FB event page for more details and a run down of all the artists involved.**

Jake Kent, Everything's a Ruin Waiting to Happen (2016). Install detail. Courtesy the artist and Cactus Gallery, Liverpool.
Jake Kent, Everything’s a Ruin Waiting to Happen (2016). Install detail. Courtesy the artist and Cactus Gallery, Liverpool.
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Piotr Łakomy @ Lock Up International, Feb 29 – March 6

29 February 2016

Lock Up International will host a solo show by Piotr Łakomy in Mexico City opening February 29 and running March 6. 

There is little information given around the coming show, Untitled_Map 2011, but Łakomy’s work, which takes recognisable items and objects and makes them somehow into brief memorials, may seem to fit perfectly within Lock Up International’s transient set up. The project, set up by artist Lewis Teague Wright opens shows around the world, occupying different storage units for short periods of time.

Meanwhile, there will also be group show Safety Box Deposit in Frankfurt, opening March 4 and running to March 11. The show is co-curated by Lock Up and Celena Ohmer and it is inside a bank vault, with each artist making something to be unlocked.

Artists for Safety Box Deposit include Bruno Zhu, Emily Jones, Yuri Pattison and Sydney Shen.

See Lock Up International‘s exhibitions page for (limited) details**

Safety Deposit Box, event image (2016). Courtesy Lock Up International.
Safety Deposit Box, event image (2016). Courtesy Lock Up International.


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Kelly Bar @ Pane, Jan 13 – 17

12 January 2016

New Milan-based artist-run project Pane is hosting group show Kelly Bar at Cafè al 5 on via Pellegrino Rossi 5, opening January 13 and running to 17.

Kelly Bar is a Chinese cafe that “DOESN’T list abstruse and exotic Chinese dishes with bright names”. Instead, the press release says, it has sumptuous Italian sandwiches and “fragrant breakfasts”. It is a Westernized place that “fully reflects the imagined expectations of a young Chinese teenager” while walking along via Pellegrino Rossi in Milan.

Artists showing at Kelly Bar include Lucy ChinenNina CristanteAdam Cruces,  Ilja KarilampiKareem LotfyQuintessa Matranga, Fabio Santacroce and Bruno Zhu among several others. 

Pane’s motto is: “Pane is bread, Pane is primary, Pane feeds, Pane crumbles”.

See the FB Event Page for more**

Ilja Karilampi, Espressen (2015). Courtesy the artist.
Ilja Karilampi, ‘Espressen’ (2015). Courtesy the artist.
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