Barbara Kapusta

A female science fiction with Barbara Kapusta’s Empathetic Creatures at Ashley Berlin, Jan 13 – 24


Barbara Kapusta presents solo exhibition Empathetic Creatures at Ashley Berlin, opening January 13 and running to January 24. 

Curated by Cathrin Mayer, the installation will feature new sculptures, a film and a text that explores ‘female science fiction’ and “the correspondence between body and speech.” The opening night will also include a performance by Kapusta alongside producer fauna.

Embracing the vulnerable and the diverse, the exhibition will explore an ‘alternative politics’ played out through four characters who make their way through a post apocalyptic setting. 

Visit the Ashley Berlin website for details.**

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Desire and obsession in How far to open up? at Forum Stadtpark Feb 17

14 February 2017

The How far to open up? group exhibition is on at Graz’s Forum Stadtpark, opening February 17 and running to February 25. 

Organised by Florentine Muhry and Cathrin Mayer, the show features works by over 20 artists, including Gina Folly, Hanne LippardPhilipp Timischl, Michaela Schweighofer, Fabian LeitgebSamantha Bohatsch and Rosa Rendl, among others. The opening night will host performances by Alizee Lenox, Anna Barfuss, Barbara Kapusta and Battle-ax.

Accompanying the event is a text by Muhry who analyses the “longing, desire, obsession, and the projections resulting therefrom” that make up the basis of the exhibition. Looking at ephemerality, vulnerability and intimacy, the artists explore what it is to yearn, both physically, as an act of production, and mentally.

See the Forum Stadtpark website for details.**

Philipp Timischl, 2, (2016). Courtesy the artist and Vilma Gold


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