manuel arturo abreu meditates on opacity, limb + recirculation with Transit at Open Signal, Jan 30 – Feb 26

29 January 2018

manuel arturo abreu presents solo exhibition Transit at Portland’s Open Signal opening January 30 and running to February 26.

The exhibition follows abreu’s time spent as New Media Fellow during the fall of 2017, and includes four new video works, sound, sculpture as well as a publication “meditating on opacity, limbo, and recirculation.”

Using the process of what the artist describes as ‘upcycling’ (repurposing previous work), abreu will piece together and pick apart “the tension between commercialism and community inherent to a digital practice today.”**

Visit the Open Signal website for details.**

Courtesy manuel arturo abreu + Open Signal, Portland
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February Guide: a London-based exhibitions + events list of recommendations

29 January 2018

Here is an evolving guide to events and exhibitions happening over the next month at venues across London.

Worth noting is also group exhibition more of an avalanche at Cambridge’s Wysing Arts Centre opening February 10 and running to April 8,  featuring work by Jesse Darling, Maryam Monalisa Gharavi, Juliet JacquesIsaac Julien, Raju Rage, S1 Portland (Women’s Beat League) and more, as well as a performance by Liv Wynter on the opening night.

Carolyn Lazard, ‘Get Well Soon’ (2015) Video Still. Courtesy the artist + Wysing, Cambridge.


Ilona Sagar‘s solo exhibition Correspondence O at South London Gallery – Dec 12 – Feb 25

Maja Čule‘s solo exhibition Mouth at Arcadia Missa -Dec 2 – Feb 17

Martin Kohout‘s solo exhibition Daylight Management at Auto Italia – Jan 13 – Mar 18

Rachal Bradley‘s solo exhibition Interlocutor at Gasworks – Jan 24 – Mar 18

on my island none of this would be true group show w/ Naama Arad, Verity Birt (+ Holly Graham/ Richard-Forbes Hamilton), Gery Georgieva, Hannah Regel and others at Arebyte – Feb 1 -Mar 17

Echoes of the Ornamental Garden group show w/ Victoria Adam, Gabriele Beveridge + Richard Paul at Seventeen – Feb 9 – Mar 24

Verity Birt’s solo exhibition Deformation Attends Her at Black Tower Projects – Feb 17 – Mar 31

Martin Kohout, ‘Slides’ (2017). Video still. Courtesy the artist.


The RCA Queer Society presents Purple Velvet PV Vol. 2 at ArtBar Stevens Building – Feb 1

Cinenova Now Showing presents a film screening of works by Holly Antrum at The Showroom – Feb 1

Décalé #1 presents new event night of sound + visuals w/ Choc Ly, Sami Baha, TERRIBILIS, Victoria Sin + more at DIY Space For London – Feb 2

Ghislaine Leung, Partners, publication launch at Cell Project Space, – Feb 2

Care, a musical directed and scored by Klein at ICA – Feb 3 + 4


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Julian-Jakob Kneer presents Jugend ist Trunkenheit ohne Wein with others + a New Noveta performance at Bikini Space, Jan 26

25 January 2018

Julian-Jakob Kneer presents exhibition Jugend ist Trunkenheit ohne Wein at Basel’s Bikini Space opening January 26 and running to February 10. 

There will be a New Noveta performance on the opening night, and the show will include work by over 20 artists including Bora Akinciturk, Kamilla Bischof and Laura Welker, Adam Cruces and Louisa GagliardiYves SchererAmalia Ulman and Marie Lea Lund among others.

Kneer is a Berlin-based artist who recently had a solo show Room E-10 27 at Berlin’s Center and took part in gruppe residency with Nina Kettiger.

Visit the Bikini Space FB page for details.**

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“I nailed a croissant to my bedroom wall as a reminder to keep smiling”: a series of texts by Ulijona Odišarija

25 January 2018


It’s strange to carry a bottle of water in the rain. I’m wondering whether I should be thirsty when it’s raining. 

Ulijona Odišarija, ‘Don’t Chime’ (2016) Courtesy the artist.


I nailed a croissant to my bedroom wall as a reminder to keep smiling. Croissant seems like such a sincere and uplifting pastry.


the bed couldn’t breathe

The bed couldn’t breathe because it was made of cheap materials. The situation got worse when it wasn’t slept in anymore and the trees outside the window grew tall and blocked the sunlight. Fungus grew in the bed and the whole family had to take it apart in the garden. They’re all tired now.


writing long stories

this story is too long
for short fingers
I will tell you when we meet 


the trees are wet

the trees are wet
that end of winter feeling
came too early
maybe every mother is also their child’s child

Ulijona Odišarija, ‘Swan on a cappuccino (with Sarah Boulton)’ (2017) Courtesy the artists.



why am I so stupid
I always think that I am right
when I am wrong


I came to see you

I came all this way
to see you
with a leaf stuck to my shoe
And a fire under my ass


are we talking or are we exchanging efforts


Ulijona Odišarija, ‘Dove’ (2014) Courtesy the artist.

memory exercise 2

I don’t have a technique. Sometimes I try to remember what I’m wearing without looking.


when someone asks the two friends if they are sisters, one is always pleased and the other one annoyed.


on a wet november evening a woman is cycling in shorts, her pale legs lighting the way like torches.
on a wet november evening a woman is standing in a halo of her perfume smiling and saying “no, no-ho-ho”.
on a wet november evening a shorter woman is holding a taller woman by the shoulders repeating “it isn’t it isn’t it isn’t”


Courtesy Ulijona Odišarija

I hear it in my head
But in her voice
I’m just a freakin special person
I’m just a freakin special person

I’ve done so much for love
and je ne regrette rien, I don’t

Let’s do it even if we can’t
I guess I’m just a special person
I will drink this glass of water
And end up somewhere else

That duck goes tap tap tap
On the wet ground

See you, so on**




Ulijona Odišarija is a Lithuanian-Georgian artist living and working in London. She graduated from MFA in Fine Art Media at Slade School of Fine Art in 2016. She is a part of East Anglia Records (EAR) and the band Steve and Samantha who just released their first single ‘Lower Your Shorts.’ See more of Ulijona’s work here.

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Myriam Ben Salah curates The Pain Of Others at Ghebaly Gallery, Jan 26 – Mar 3

25 January 2018

The The Pain Of Others group exhibition at Los Angeles’ Ghebaly Gallery opens January 26 and is running to March 3.

Curated by Myriam Ben Salah, the show includes work by Julien Ceccaldi, Aria Dean, Dan Finsel, Dan Herschlein, Elizabeth Jaeger, Arthur Jafa, Dala Nasser, Lydia Ourahmane, Diamond Stingily and Andra Ursuta.

Salah is a Paris-based curator and writer who has worked with the cultural programming at the Paris’ Palais de Tokyo from 2009 and recent exhibitions include I Heard You Laughing at Kunsthall Stavanger, and We Dance, We Smoke, We Kiss at Flax Foundation LA.

Visit the Ghebaly Gallery website for details.**

Lydia Ourahmane, HARAGA – ‘The Burning’ (2014) Wireless video transmission. Courtesy the artist + Ghebaly Gallery, Los Angeles.
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Smile and be happy because things could be worse :) Levels of privacy + embarrassment at Sorbus

25 January 2018

Josefin Arnell and Aapo Nikkanen presented two person exhibition Smile and be happy because things could be worse at Helsinki’s Sorbus which opened November 25 and ran to December 17, 2017.

The installation creates a strange dynamic between private and public moments with Facebook chat histories printed onto shower curtains which are hung around the space, horse rosettes are pinned to the wall with drawn on cartoon faces laughing, a large print titled ‘Zombie curtain’ shows a blood stained women with a T-shirt that reads : Empower women. 

The exhibition also includes a video showing a child and a vacuum cleaner. Turning the gallery into a domestic, bathroom type space, the works explore “different levels of privacy and embarrassment.”**

Josefin Arnell and Aapo Nikkanen presented two person exhibition Smile and be happy because things could be worse at Helsinki’s Sorbus which opened November 25 and ran to December 17, 2017.

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Encased in scent: Rachal Bradley’s solo show Interlocutor explores the negative ion generator at Gasworks, Jan 24 – Mar 18

24 January 2018

Rachal Bradley presents solo exhibition Interlocutor at London’s Gasworks opening January 24 and running to March 18.

The show is a new commission produced by Gasworks which grew out of the Nottingham-based artists’ time at the Freelands Artist Programme residency (Jul 3- Sep 18, 2017) and developed with Kunstlerhaus Stuttgart. The space will be transformed into a “negative ion generator” where Bradley will “encase the gallery floor in natural resin infused with a bespoke herbal tonic.”

Other works include interviews with the Gasworks staff and members, an oversized washing machine made into a projection booth with resin where a new video will be shown as well as a number of “purpose-engineered, vacuum-formed units” along the exterior walls of the gallery. 

There will be two accompanying events: an ointment preparation workshops led by Bradley’s sister on February 3 and a public reading of a new piece of writing by the artist on March 3.


Visit the Gasworks website for details.**

Rachal Bradley, ‘Of Sex’ (2016) Installation view. Courtesy the artist + Galerie Gregor Staiger at Frieze, London. Photo: Andy Keate.


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Sanctuary for Families benefit group exhibition Eye to eye at Arsenal Contemporary, Jan 25 – Feb 25

23 January 2018

The Eye to eye group exhibition at New York’s Arsenal Contemporary opens January 25 and is running to February 25.

The benefit exhibition “strives to empower survivors of gender violence” in support of Sanctuary for Families. The large scale project brings together 40 artists including Nina BeierMeriem Bennani, Hannah Black, Cristine BracheVaginal DavisFin SimonettiChloe WiseHannah Perry, Laure Prouvost and Carol Rama among many others.

Sanctuary for Families is a New York-based charity and organisation working for those affected by gender and domestic violence, sex trafficking and more, providing safety and stability to those in need through clinical serves, shelter and programmes.

Visit the Arsenal Contemporary website for details.**

Cristine Brache, ‘Safe Words’ (2017). Installation view. Courtesy the artist + MX Gallery, New York.


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Anahita Razmi’s performative lecture Research Network: New Eastenders – The Prequel at Iniva, Jan 25

23 January 2018

Anahita Razmi will present performative lecture Research Network: New Eastenders – The Prequel at London’s Iniva (Institute of International Visual Arts) on January 25. 

In reference to the British soap opera Eastenders, the lecture will “shift its storyboard for an ‘East and its End’.” The Berlin-based artist looks at stereotypes, pop culture and consumerism to explore the concept of the ‘East’ and the ‘Orient, asking “how do identities and bodies transform from one place to the other?”

Using the concept of “non-linear and non-original,” the lecture acts as a prequel to “something not already scripted or broadcast.” Dr. Anamik Saha who teaches on the Goldsmiths’ MA Race, Media and Social Justice course will hold a discussion following the performance.

Visit the Iniva website for details.**

Anahita Razmi , ‘An Artist Who Cannot Speak Farsi Is No Artist’ (2017) Installation view. Courtesy the artist.


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