Various personalities + complementary notions in A Screen of Flesh at COMA, May 26 – Jun 23


The A Screen of Flesh group exhibition at Sydney’s COMA gallery, opening May 26 and running to June 23.

The show features work by Nicholas CheveldaveWill CookeTschabalala Self and Athena Papadopoulos and is defined by the press release as “an exploration of complementary notions: attitudes towards the human body as a physical object and organism, and the various personalities and lives that inhabit the flesh.”

Exploring subject matter from stereotype, media, relationships and emotion, the works deal with the complexity of the body itself and how it is mediated in ‘contemporary thought.’ The exhibition is put on in conversation with Dominik Mersch Gallery, who are showing work by Meng-Yu Yan in Occulere and Lucas Davidson in I am a Strange Loop.

Visit the COMA website for details.**

Athena Papadopoulos, ‘The Great Revel of Hairy Harry Who Who: Orgy at the Onion Cellar’, (2015). Installation view. Courtesy of artist + Les Urbaines, Lausanne.



Sinking into softness with Ivana Bašić in Through the hum of black velvet sleep at Marlborough Contemporary, May 25 – Jun 24


Ivana Bašić presents solo exhibition Through the hum of black velvet sleep at New York’s Marlborough Contemporary opening May 25 and running to June 24.

The New York-based Serbian artist will present new work that explores “both the experiential and atmospheric aspects of the body as it dwindles and subsists in its fringe states.” Looking at dust, particles, form, as well as physical states of pressure, density and porosity, Bašić will immerse us in the relationship between body and universe.

The press includes a poem, with an excerpt reading:

In this space
Feeble air falls rather than fills its gaps
As it sinks into softness — all movement stunts
turns to torpor.

Pressure surrounds and leaves me hardened, petrified
A sigh fills a slippage that wrings my bent neck
This vessel may shatter
this moment,
or the next.

Visit the Marlborough Contemporary website for details.**

Ivana Basic, Throat wanders down the blade (2016). Installation view. Courtesy the artist + Annka Kultys gallery, London

Something forever slipping between your fingers + the imaginary of individuality in How are you still clean at ICA, May 25


The How are you still clean evening of poetic readings and live performances at London’s ICA will take place on May 25.

Curated by ICA Student Forum members Madeleine Stack, Giada Marson and Marcel Darienzo, the evening will feature Jay Bernard, Tai Shani, Jesse Darling, Mariana Echeverri + Madeleine Stack, Sophie Robinson and Taylor le Melle.

An evening that asks “how does language penetrate? How are we made dirty? Do we wish to be clean?” the participants will explore contagion and the fear of infiltration against the backdrop of an ‘imaginary of individuality’ that we are whole, stand alone beings, without slippage or leak. Focusing on the moments that are constantly “slipping between your fingers,” the curators have put together a night that aims to expose, transmit and permeate through boundaries.

Visit the FB event page for details.**

Introducing Aghnie’s Club Envy via Genot Centre with a video premiere of ‘Mendisi’


Aghnie recently released EP Club Envy via Prague-based cassette label Genot Centre on May 3 and is premiering new video today by Ryland Bishop here on aqnb.

The Georgian producer is releasing his 8-track EP as a limited edition of 55 C22 tapes ‘pro-dubbed’ by Headless Duplicated Tapes and with album artwork by DVDJ NNS. The press release describes its sound as a “barrage of eco-friendly synthetic flutes, quirky but labyrinthine percussion and a kind of hypothetical global-R&B vibe” that could be situated within an imaginary Tbilisi club. There is something barren about the sound, as if the club  sounds are merely referential and take you into a place of calm  and metamorphosis rather than the party. The EP moves fluidly from one track to the next, with each feeling like a brief moment or fleeting feeling, with the longest running one being 3:13 minutes. 

The video moves in tandem with the mutating synth tones, bringing together ancestral forms of folk, textured instrumentals and mutating patterns of noise. A planetary looking sphere dominates the majority of the video, where virtual human figures and tribal formations float around to the rhythm dictated by its nucleus. Hard clashes of clicking sounds and images of ‘fire’ are softened by the rocking motion and ethereal flutes, ending in a sound reminiscent of a toy playing you a lullaby.**

A slow forming cloud: Candice Lin + Patrick Staff’s LESBIAN GULLS, DEAD ZONES, SWEAT AND T.


Candice Lin and Patrick Staff presented collaborative project LESBIAN GULLS, DEAD ZONES, SWEAT AND T. at Los Angeles’ Human Resources which opened May 4 to the 21, 2017.

A framed wooden structure in a hexagonal layout was placed in the centre of the room; a reference to “the chemical compound of benzene, part of a phyto-hormonal change that occurs during the aromatization of certain plants.”

Candice Lin + Patrick Staff, LESBIAN GULLS, DEAD ZONES, SWEAT AND T. (2017) Installation view. Courtesy the artists + Human Resources, Los Angeles.

An exploration of botanical knowledge and chemistry, the installation became a ‘slow forming cloud’ that proposed both a cross-pollination and infection between “bodies, ecosystems, and institutions.”

Both artists’ practices are concerned with ecology and botany through a queer re-reading, and invite the viewer to “to lose the illusion of their bodily boundaries and float within the influence of a hormonal mist.” Read our interview with Candice Lin to hear more about these ideas.


Christina Gigliotti presents Knife as Outfit + The Stillness of a Departure at Polansky Gallery, May 24 – Jul 15


The Stillness of a Departure and Knife as Outfit group exhibition will open at Prague’s Polansky Gallery on May 24 to July 15.

Both curated by Christina Gigliotti, the show features work by Mirak Jamal, Anna Ročňová and Sung Tieu, and will explore the “material and immaterial traces of arriving and departing, blurred memories, and the silence in between.”

The second is solo exhibition Knife as Outfit featuring work by Nik Timková who will transform the Parter space into a soft smoky space, presenting plush objects and new series of digital prints collaged with embroidered touches.

Christina Gigliotti is an American curator and writer based in Prague. She is currently the curator of project spaces Galerie Ferdinanda Baumanna and Parter at Polansky Gallery. She initiated the Berlin x Prague residency program (supported by the Goethe Institute in Prague and MeetFactory).

Visit the Polansky Gallery website for details.**

Mirak Jamal, my dear friends in Berlin (2016). Installation view. Courtesy Ashley, Berlin.

Computing classifications with Adriana Ramić’s insect ecosystem at New York’s Kimberly-Klark

19 May 2017

Adriana Ramić presented solo exhibition Machine that the larvae of configuration at New York’s Kimberly-Klark, which opened April 28 and is running to June 4.

Adriana Ramić, ‘Machine that the larvae of configuration’ (2017). Exhibition view. Courtesy the artist + Kimberly-Klark, New York.

The installation of insect flashcards and the Serbo-Croatian alphabet, classified according to an achromatopsic optical character recognition, creates a living ecosystem constructed according to the algorithms of a computer programme. The show builds on the New York-based artist’s ongoing research into “the question of materializing systems of cognition.”

Adriana Ramić’s Machine that the larvae of configuration solo exhibition is on at New York’s Kimberly-Klark, running April 28 to June 4, 2017.

Phantom pregnancies + alien boys in MSL’s ‘Hybrid Children’ screening at Helsinki’s SIC Gallery, May 18 – 25

17 May 2017

MSL is screening ‘Hybrid Children’ at Helsinki’s SIC Gallery, opening May 18 and running to May 25.

The event is the second part of a screening series at SIC’s new space, opened next door to the L3 in Jätkäsaari gallery, where Antti Jussila and Jari Kallio of the Finnish performance collective introduce the show with a confusing short text describing and listing a series of pregnancies, as experienced by a ‘mother’ as well as Antti himself. These include the birth of girls and boys in the early 90s, a “healthy (hybrid alien) boy” in 2004 and three miscarriages to follow: 

“…Every single time the pregnancy test would come up positive but further investigation would prove there was nothing there. This normally happened at six weeks pregnant. 

Son (b. 2002):
So you think that has something to do with Antti’s pregnancy?”

See the FB event page for details.**

Dichotomy + lexicon Lucia Leuci’s Materia Prima at Fondazione Adolfo Pini, May 18 – Jul 14

16 May 2017

Lucia Leuci is presenting solo exhibition Materia Prima at Milan’s Fondazione Adolfo Pini, opening May 18 and running to July 14.

Curated by /77, the site-specific installation is located inside glass cabinets of the “precise identity and the history” of the museum. The press release describes the work as ‘unitary,’ not altering the function but working within and alongside it.

Made of both synthetic and organic materials, the sculptures explore “the dichotomy between nature and representation of the real, bound together by a gastronomical lexicon.” The dish compositions have been produced in collaboration with Sara Nicolosi.

See the Fondazione Adolfo Pini website for details.**

Courtesy Lucia Leuci

Escaping capture in the untranslatable of the Ungestalt group show at Kunsthalle Basel, May 18 – Aug 13

16 May 2017

The Ungestalt group exhibition is on at Kunsthalle Basel, running May 18 and to August 13. 

The show will feature work by a large number of artists, including Olga Balema, Pakui HardwareLiz Magor and Lucie Stahl among others. The title is defined in the press release as a somewhat untranslatable German term that is “not exactly formless or amorphous, nevertheless describes something that struggles against delineation, against clearly defined form, indeed against the wholeness…”

Bringing together artists from international backgrounds and across generations and mediums, the work will occupy five ground floor galleries and explore this term as it itself ‘escapes capture.’

See the Kunsthalle Basel website for details.**

Videoclub presents Selected 7- New artists’ film from UK at Whitechapel, May 18

16 May 2017

Videoclub presents Selected 7 – New artists’ film from UK at London’s Whitechapel Gallery on May 18.

Produced by London-based videoclub and FLAMIN, the event will tour a collection of artists’ film and video throughout May and June at various locations across the UK. Having already premiered in Brighton’s Fabrica on May 4 and Glasgow’s CCA on May 16, future locations include Nottingham Contemporary on May 25, Plymouth Arts Centre on June 1 and Exeter Phoenix on June 14.

Nominated by the 2016 Jarman award shortlisted artists, the program features Evan Ifekoya, Hannah Black, Rosie Carr, Ginte Regina, Phoebe Boswell, Adham Faramawy, Sarah Abu Abdallah and Sofia Albina Novikoff Unger.

Visit the videoclub website for details.**



Reading Pleasure with Alex Baczynski-Jenkins, Zuzanna Bartoszek + Juliana Huxtable at Cell Project Space, May 18

16 May 2017

An evening of performance and readings with Alex Baczynski-Jenkins, Zuzanna Bartoszek and Juliana Huxtable at London’s Cell Project Space will take place on May 18.

The evening is in conjunction with current exhibition Perverts which opened April 1 and is running to June 4, and features work by Kathy Acker, Zuzanna Bartoszek, Harry Burke, Loretta Fahrenholz, Juliana Huxtable, Pierre Klossowski, Bruce Nauman, Keston Sutherland and Stephen G. Rhodes.

The press release describes the event as ‘reading pleasure’ and will feature choroeographic score Us Swerve by Alex Baczynski-Jenkins which will see three rollerbladers read lines of poetry by Essex Hemphill, Eileen Myles, Langston Hughes and others. Zuzanna Bartoszek and Juliana Huxtable will do performative readings in relation to their recent works on show.

Visit Cell Project Space website for details.**

Liminal Toxicity Cluster. Tuomas A. Laitinen’s A Porous Share at Helsinki Contemporary

15 May 2017

Tuomas A. Laitinen presented solo exhibition A Porous Share at Helsinki Contemporary, which opened May 5 and is running to June 4.

Tuomas A. Laitinen, ‘Dossier 11’ (2017) Installation view. Courtesy the artist + Helsinki Contemporary.

The installation includes a number of glass sculptures and light boxes that fill the space as well as a new version of ‘Liminal Toxicity Cluster’ (2016) that explores market economies. Through his ongoing research into biopolitics and ecology, energy and matter is explored as it circulates and relates to humankind and how, as Laitinen writes, “big corporations have shaped this communication. This also involves a control that is woven into the very structures, and which affects any bodies that move around in the world.”

The light boxes use chemical processes and bring together “absurd documents and graphs” that are affected by these processes.**

Tuomas A. Laitinen’s A Porous Share is on at Helsinki Contemporary, running May 5 to June 4.