Autarkia’s artist day care centre for putative experiences and imaginary solutions in The Guest


Autarkia presented exhibition The Guest at Riga’s Kim? which opened December 15 and ran to January 21.

Autarkia ‘The Guest’ (2017/18) Installation view. Courtesy the artists + Kim?, Riga

Directed by Robertas Narkus and produced by both Autarkia & Kim?, the “cabaret invites you to [reimagine] the near future as promised by sci-fi entrepreneurs” and includes work by Rainyr Askher, Gints Gabrāns, Kipras Garla, Antanas Gerlikas, Laura Kaminskaitė, Žygimantas Kudirka, Jonas Palekas, Nerijus Rimkus, Antanas Skučas, and others.

The exhibition immerses itself in fantasy, where thoughts of ‘spiritual perfection’ are attained. From large banners and a cave-like hole in the gallery wall to tiny offerings made on a piece of paper that ask what is the weather forecast for our next conversation?, Autarkia sets out to provide “an artist day care centre, a club of interests, an office for putative experiences and imaginary solutions.” 


Autarkia presented cabaret exhibition The Guest at Riga’s Kim? which opened December 15 and ran to January 21, 2018.

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Warsaw’s B.yhzz traces sound + movement using common tools for his ‘Grasp Gesture’ release via Country Music

8 February 2018

B.yhzz (pronounced /be-wise/) releases eight-minute track ‘Grasp Gesture’ via Stockholm/Zürich’s Country Music today, premiering via AQNB. The Warsaw-based producer and co-founder of the Polish Intruder Alert collective previously dropped EP Via on Montréal/Mexico City label Infinite Machine in July last year.


Using just a saw and a pitchfork belonging to his grandfather and recording simply on a Olympus sound recorder, B.yhzz applies resonance, distortion and lumbering rhythm to excellent effect. This is a uniquely lo-fi approach to what is a growing trend in simulating organic sounds via electronic means (think M.E.S.H. or Kai Whiston), except ‘Grasp Gesture’ does what it promises, processing the treble-laden and metallic echoes of actual physical objects into an electronic composition of sound and movement.**

B.yhzz’s  ‘Grasp Gesture’ track is released via Stockholm/Zürich’s Country Music on February 8, 2018.

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bod [包家巷]’s symphonic poetry transcends forms + approaches trauma through the untranslatable in Detrimental Variance [损害方差]

2 February 2018

bod [包家巷] (aka Nicholas Zhu) dropped EP Soliloquy Of The Distant Home [远家独白] via Vienna’s Amen Records on January 1. To accompany the release, the Los Angeles-based Chinese-American artist and producer shares a bonus track ‘Detrimental Variance [损害方差]’ through AQNB today.

The two recordings follow another recent EP, Piano Compositions [钢琴组成] , out on LA label Zoom Lens, all of which make up a musical project that reinterprets classical, Romantic and modernist forms in music. All the works are constructed from field recordings, live piano and MIDI simulations of the Chinese zither instrument called guzheng, as well as a series of samples, ranging from machinery and scenes of war to rain and sci-fi sound design. Zhu in turn applies 19th Century Hungarian composer Liszt‘s ‘symphonic poem’ approach to these compositions, an orchestral form in which a single continuous movement evokes some other non-musical source.

In the case of bod [包家巷] that source is what the producer calls the “untranslatable illegibility of the cycle of traumatic experience and its subsequent abusive outcomes.” ‘Detrimental Variance [损害方差]’ flows out of traditional Western logic and into its sung and effects-laden non-English lyrics, and a languid ambience that simply winds down and dissolves.**

Nicholas Zhu’s Soliloquy Of The Distant Home [远家独白] EP was released via Vienna’s Amen Records on January 1, 2018.

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Deniz Unal explores levels of power, intimacy + interaction through reading, role play + performance for Characters of Control

31 January 2018

Deniz Unal presented solo exhibition Characters of Control at London’s Almanac, which ran November 25 to December 14, 2017.

Accompanying the show was a series of events starting with a reading group looking at plays that explore “control, intimacy and desire” on November 25, a role play workshop on December 2, and a performative event on December 14 featuring Unal, along with Amy Gwatkin and Nadja Voorham.

The press release took the form of an “email to Yoko” where Unal writes of her long-standing focus on illness and how it relates to her current research drawing on BDSM, the dominatrix and “representations pain and power structures.” Through a (non-cliché) framework of “consensual and desired pain,” the work uses the audience-performer dynamic to explore forms of intimacy and interaction.**

 Deniz Unal presented solo exhibition Characters of Control at London’s Almanac which ran November 25 to December 14, 2017.

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manuel arturo abreu meditates on opacity, limb + recirculation with Transit at Open Signal, Jan 30 – Feb 26

29 January 2018

manuel arturo abreu presents solo exhibition Transit at Portland’s Open Signal opening January 30 and running to February 26.

The exhibition follows abreu’s time spent as New Media Fellow during the fall of 2017, and includes four new video works, sound, sculpture as well as a publication “meditating on opacity, limbo, and recirculation.”

Using the process of what the artist describes as ‘upcycling’ (repurposing previous work), abreu will piece together and pick apart “the tension between commercialism and community inherent to a digital practice today.”**

Visit the Open Signal website for details.**

Courtesy manuel arturo abreu + Open Signal, Portland
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February Guide: a London-based exhibitions + events list of recommendations

29 January 2018

Here is an evolving guide to events and exhibitions happening over the next month at venues across London.

Worth noting is also group exhibition more of an avalanche at Cambridge’s Wysing Arts Centre opening February 10 and running to April 8,  featuring work by Jesse Darling, Maryam Monalisa Gharavi, Juliet JacquesIsaac Julien, Raju Rage, S1 Portland (Women’s Beat League) and more, as well as a performance by Liv Wynter on the opening night.

Carolyn Lazard, ‘Get Well Soon’ (2015) Video Still. Courtesy the artist + Wysing, Cambridge.


Ilona Sagar‘s solo exhibition Correspondence O at South London Gallery – Dec 12 – Feb 25

Maja Čule‘s solo exhibition Mouth at Arcadia Missa -Dec 2 – Feb 17

Martin Kohout‘s solo exhibition Daylight Management at Auto Italia – Jan 13 – Mar 18

Rachal Bradley‘s solo exhibition Interlocutor at Gasworks – Jan 24 – Mar 18

on my island none of this would be true group show w/ Naama Arad, Verity Birt (+ Holly Graham/ Richard-Forbes Hamilton), Gery Georgieva, Hannah Regel and others at Arebyte – Feb 1 -Mar 17

Echoes of the Ornamental Garden group show w/ Victoria Adam, Gabriele Beveridge + Richard Paul at Seventeen – Feb 9 – Mar 24

Verity Birt’s solo exhibition Deformation Attends Her at Black Tower Projects – Feb 17 – Mar 31

Martin Kohout, ‘Slides’ (2017). Video still. Courtesy the artist.


The RCA Queer Society presents Purple Velvet PV Vol. 2 at ArtBar Stevens Building – Feb 1

Cinenova Now Showing presents a film screening of works by Holly Antrum at The Showroom – Feb 1

Décalé #1 presents new event night of sound + visuals w/ Choc Ly, Sami Baha, TERRIBILIS, Victoria Sin + more at DIY Space For London – Feb 2

Ghislaine Leung, Partners, publication launch at Cell Project Space, – Feb 2

Care, a musical directed and scored by Klein at ICA – Feb 3 + 4


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