Sorbus, Fucked Up in a Bad Way (2016) exhibition photos

SorbusFucked Up in a Bad Way group exhibition was on at London’s Jupiter Woods, which ran from November 12 and running to December 3.
Sorbus, Fucked Up in a Bad Way (2016). Presentation view. Courtesy Original&theCopy. Courtesy Sorbus, Helsinki, + Jupiter Woods, London.
The show by the Finnish artist-run-space collective, followed the latter London space’s ‘Longshore drift’ show at their own Helsinki location in April, marking the second phase of their international exchange. Sorbus collective includes Otto Byström, Henna Hyvärinen, Jonna Karanka, Sakari Tervo, and Tuomo Tuovinen, who have also presented the Fucked Up in a Bad Way previously at another Helsinki space, SIC, and KASKL in Berlin.
Previous accompanying pressers included talk of the death of punk and alternative culture, and the possibilities of humans distilling alcohol in their bodies like crucian carp fish. Their text accompanying the London iteration was more localised, providing a script between Sakari, Henna and Tuomo discussing alternative communal lifestyles and fighting global corporations while watching an underpaid band and drinking cheap beer. “You don’t need money for that! Fuck money!”**