Snapshots of car crashes in the auditory concrete poetry of Lily Pickett & Justin Caguiat’s Jade is to bathtub as soap is to bell

, 23 February 2018

Justin Caguiat & Lily Pickett release album Jade is to bathtub as soap is to bell via Richmond’s The Sunroom today, premiering via an exclusive stream on AQNB. The gallery and publishing platform also hosted the New York-based duo’s exhibition of the same name in October of last year, where Pickett’s music box installation showa a loop of a sheet composition and Caguiat’s midi notation expresses a similar visual layering. 

Inspired by Caguiat’s childhood in Tokyo and a car crash the two artists were involved in during a road trip to Detroit Motor City Casino, the tracks are mired in hissing and distortion, distant echoes of merry-go-round melodies, for a work that that filters and compresses various source memories in patterns and concrete poetry.** 

Lily Pickett + Justin Caguiat’s ‘Jade is to bathtub as soap is to bell’ album is out via Richmond’s The Sunroom on February 23, 2018.

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