The myths + fairytales around managing bodies in Alex Turgeon’s Good Housekeeping at Toronto’s Franz Kaka, Sep 8 – 30

, 8 September 2017

Alex Turgeon is presenting solo exhibition Good Housekeeping at Toronto’s Franz Kaka, opening September 8 and running to September 30.

The Berlin-based Canadian artist known for creating refined installations of subtle complexity alongside an associative writing practice, brings his ongoing investigation into systems used in the management of human and animal bodies by drawing parallels between rural and farm mythologies and anthropomorphic allegories in folk culture. 

One such illustrative text is excerpted in the press release, titled How to Build a Stable, and credited to one Donald R. Brann: “Those who neglect cleaning a stall daily soon discover the urine and droppings soften the earth floor.”

Drawing on his own personal history, which is then misrepresented and interpreted in relation to the agricultural and livestock industries, Turgeon repositions the visual language defining these existing structures to point to “broader systems of constraint within contemporary social relations.”

See the Franz Kaka website for details.**

Alex Turgeon, ‘Charon’s Obol’ (2016). Performance view. Courtesy Center, Berlin.

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