Kinetica Art Fair 2013 starts today.

, 27 February 2013

It’s a big week for art events with a global perspective in London. Not only is London13 starting on Friday but the dazzling cross-disciplinary Kinetica Art Fair 2013, featuring works from across Europe, South East Asia and the US, starts today.

Running Wednesday February 27 to Sunday March 3 at the University of Westminster’s contemporary art and architecture space, Ambika P3, the event will feature over 40 galleries, organisations and practices at the tantalising crossroads of science and technology. Expect representatives from across the UK, Russia, Japan and more, culminating in 400 works of art spanning, kinetic, sonic, new media art and much more.

See the programme and book tickets here.**


Old cars, future dystopias + no expectations from Moa Pillar + Zurkas Tepla’s respective releases on Moscow’s Full of Nothing

aqnb, 17 November 2017

Dwelling in shady forests: M.E.S.H. drops his second album into the delicate milieu of Italian Paganism + modern Promethean myths


“A calamity, a purgatory, a void, a luxury.” Kim-Anh Schreiber + Morgan Mandalay’s five stage flats for Meatloaf


Why do we appropriate life? Hacking into taught identity with Fantasy Direct LARP show at Seoul’s Yongma Charm Space


Fashion for junkies of the constant update: five designers from around the world operating out of Instagram by @m_j_c


Rhythmic-Variable Waveform Composite Solutions: DV Caputo on the lost potential of transhumanism + self-actualizing machines

Mark Pieterson, Tuesday

Divination of meaning through drugs + religion in Nando Alvarez-Perez’s Portentology at Interface Gallery


Influential for whom? Traversing the Manila arts climate with the cultural producers of Planting Rice + Green Papaya

never Ripe never Rotten, Monday

Observing museology: Kristina Õllek + Kert Viiart’s You Know You’ve Become Part of the View at Tallinn’s Hobusepea


Hyph11e builds on a brash, metallic + club-focused electronic music scene in Shanghai with debut EP Vanishing Cinema

Thomas Mouna, 10 November 2017

ju ca’s mournful hypnagogia exists in the absences of time half-remembered for ‘Funeral Drone Pt I & II’

aqnb, 10 November 2017

Andrew Norman Wilson explores paranoia in economic networks, coding + algorithms using anthropomorphism for Pretense

9 November 2017

Breaking down to find love, empathy + belonging. Exploring the porous body for I Am Our Common Pronoun

9 November 2017

Black Woman As God: a poem by Belinda Zhawi

8 November 2017

Foraged + hoarded: Mimosa Echard’s Pulsion Potion appropriates dead + living matter at Cell Project Space

8 November 2017