Kinetica Art Fair 2013 starts today.

, 27 February 2013

It’s a big week for art events with a global perspective in London. Not only is London13 starting on Friday but the dazzling cross-disciplinary Kinetica Art Fair 2013, featuring works from across Europe, South East Asia and the US, starts today.

Running Wednesday February 27 to Sunday March 3 at the University of Westminster’s contemporary art and architecture space, Ambika P3, the event will feature over 40 galleries, organisations and practices at the tantalising crossroads of science and technology. Expect representatives from across the UK, Russia, Japan and more, culminating in 400 works of art spanning, kinetic, sonic, new media art and much more.

See the programme and book tickets here.**


Expect The Worse: Cali Thornhill DeWitt’s SAFE WORDS crosses codes + boundaries at Karma International

17 January 2018

Bodily metaphors in the pleasure + care of technology for Faith Holland’s Speculative Fetish at Transfer Gallery


How do we keep it going? Independent curator + producer Eva Rowson on how to sustain space for each other on our own terms

Eva Rowson, Tuesday

For better or worse: The circa of radical female fictions, today and forever in Maren Karlson’s Soft Fists at Pushkin & Gogol

Penny Rafferty, Monday

The networked organism: Martin Kohout on the clash of circadian rhythm with machinic expectations for his Night Shifts project

Jean Kay, Saturday

Alexander Geist + Ben Jackson examine how genre relates to class via gabber, donk + fetish in their ‘Far Worse’ music video


Home + the (un)comfortable places that follow in a group show on gender, domesticity + technology at Project Native Informant

10 January 2018

(Mis)communication + not quite Lithuanian stories in Anastasija Sosunova’s Demikhov Dog at Ignalina Culture Centre

10 January 2018

Equal opportunity for all: Alessandro Bava on queering space at the intersection of art + architecture in Los Angeles

10 January 2018

Not anywhere, but somewhere: articulating the not yet with Hyperlink group show

10 January 2018

“Do I always have to say something?” Artist collective D665 house the ritual with 89 Vorhänge + Preshowritual

9 January 2018

Anja Salonen, Ana Segovia de Fuentes + Ammon Rost: three solo shows at ltd. los angeles

8 January 2018

“Art can’t stop the machine.” On political posturing + preempting failure as a poor defence in the Mechanisms group show

Alec Recinos, 8 January 2018

Still life + rites of passage in dialogue with broken promises for Noëmi Merca + Bobby Jewell’s Pinky-Swear mix

aqnb, 5 January 2018

Kelvin T is snoozing for a bruising with his convulsive new EP that is anything but what its Sedative title insinuates

aqnb, 5 January 2018